Field Trip Journals Now Available!

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I have been the leader of a homeschool group for a while and have had the opportunity to organize many field trips over the years. I love having my daughters record their field trip experiences, and they have been doing that using free field trip logs I had found years ago.

Unfortunately, all of the individual papers aren’t organized very well, and I couldn’t find logs that included all of the information I wanted to be recorded. So, what did I do? I (finally) created my own field trip journals. I’m excited to announce they are now available for sale on Amazon (here).

The field trip journals offer space to record thoughts before, during, and after up to 24 different field trips. Below is a look at the first two pages.

Field Trip Journal pages 1-2

Check out more of the interior pages on my sneak peek of the field trip journal.

My daughters and I are looking forward to using the field trip journal on our upcoming field trip…a tour at a local airport. I wish I would have created these much sooner!

To your next field trip adventure!



Sneak Peek of Field Trip Journal

My daughters and I have enjoyed going on many field trips over the years. We have toured places such as a sawmill, pigeon farm, goat farm, recycling center, landfill, fire station, apple orchard, pumpkin patch, stores, post offices, police station, state parks, national parks, and more. There are so many places to explore!

Some of the field trips have included hands-on activities such as when we sorted apples at an apple orchard.

sorting apples

Check out these 21 children’s books about apples.

I love having my daughters document the field trips. For the past few years, we have been filling out this free field trip log from The Unlikely Homeschool. This has worked great for us, but I have been wanting an actual journal to keep their field trip records together. And I wanted to be able to record extra information that wasn’t included on the free field trip logs.

So, I created a field trip journal! The proof of the field trip journal has arrived for me to look through before it is officially published. The field trip journal will be available for purchase on Amazon in the near future.

Here is the proof of the field trip Journal. The actual field trip journal will not have a strip across the cover that says “Not for Resale”.

Field Trip Journal

This easy-to-carry 7.5″ x 9.25″ lightweight paperback journal has enough space to record up to twenty-four field trips. Of course, you can do the math. That’s two field trips each month for a year or one field trip each month for two years.

The beginning has space for the journal owner to write his or her name and the dates the journal was started and ended. There is also a customizable Table of Contents. The student can write the field trip name on each of the lines to easily refer to those field trip entries.

field trip journal interior

I also included a list of 33 field trip ideas and space for the student to write field trips to visit in the future. I have been a leader of a homeschool group and planned many field trips over the years, so I have lots of ideas!

There are four repeated pages for each of the field trips. The first two pages include the field trip number and space to fill in information for: where, when, with whom, I already know…, things to bring…, questions to ask, description, my favorite part…, my least favorite part…, and I learned…

Field Trip Journal pages 1-2

The third page provides space to insert pictures or drawings. The fourth page offers space to give a rating and fill in information such as: I should thank…, How did I say thank you, and more information I learned after the field trip.

Field Trip Journal pages 3-4

There are four extra pages in the back of the journal for any additional drawings, pictures, writings, or memorabilia from the field trips. There is also a page to write about the favorite field trip.

I’m looking forward to having my daughters fill their own field trip journals up with all of our future field trips. I wish I had created this field trip journal much sooner!

What was your favorite field trip?

Update: Field trip journals are now available here (affiliate link)!


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Adventure Writing Prompt Journal Proof Has Arrived

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The Adventure Writing Prompt Journal proof has arrived!

I ended up changing quite a bit of the interior design since providing a sneak peek of the adventure writing prompt journal, and I am really excited how the interior turned out (even though there are some things I will update before publishing).

I’m not completely satisfied with the front cover because of the shadow from one of the suitcases. (Of course the actual cover won’t say “Not for Resale” on it.)

Adventure Writing Prompt Journal Sneak Peek

I like the back cover, though. I may try to figure out a way to switch the front and back cover suitcases before publishing it. Definitely something I’ll have to experiment with.

Adventure Writing Prompt Journal Sneak Peek

The page for the journal owner’s name remained the same. There is a Table of Contents to easily find each of the 52 adventures.

Adventure Writing Prompt Journal Sneak Peek

There is a letter to the adventure writer that includes a total of 11 writing tips. I did find a few things on these pages that I am going to change before officially publishing.

Each of the 52 pictures for the writing prompts is on a full page.

Adventure Writing Prompt Journal Sneak Peek

Each of the 52 writing prompts has two pages for the writing prompt and lines to write.

A map watermark is on all of the pages that don’t include a picture. I was concerned the watermark was going to be too distracting, but it is subtle enough that I don’t think it is. I’m really glad I was able to figure out how to include it on the pages.

Adventure Writing Prompt Journal Sneak Peek

The back has a section called “Riveting Words to Use” for vocabulary words.

Adventure Writing Prompt Journal Sneak Peek

There’s also a section for the journal writer to write a little bit about his or herself.

Adventure Writing Prompt Journal Sneak Peek

I need to make some changes and reupload the files before The Adventure Writing Prompt Journal can be published. I hope to have it published in the near future.

What is your favorite adventure?

Update: This journal is now available for purchase. Visit the Journals Page for more information.



Reading Journals Now Available for Purchase

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I have been providing some behind-the-scenes information about the Reading Journals I have created, and I’m happy to announce they are now available for purchase!

It’s really fun to see a blank page like this

Blank Sheet Print Screen

turn into something like this

Reading Journals

with some creativity and work.

If you would like to see the interiors of the Reading Journals, please visit this post. As I’ve mentioned before, there are two line width options and multiple cover design choices available.

Thin Ruled Line Cover Options

Here are the reading journal cover options with thin ruled lines.

(You can click on the cover images to take you to Amazon where they are available for purchase.)


Wide Ruled Lines Cover Options

Here are the reading journals cover options with wide ruled lines.

(Again, you can click on the cover images to take you to Amazon where they are available for purchase.)


I am still working on the Adventure Writing Prompt Journal. I finished the writing prompt text, which I sent to a couple of different people to critique. I also formatted the journal, inserted a Table of Contents, wrote an introduction letter, and tried to upload it.

This Journal Belongs to...

Unfortunately, it won’t let me upload the file for some reason, so I am trying to get that issue resolved. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to figure it out soon. My goal is to have a proof of the Adventure Writing Prompt Journal in my hands by the end of July (National Pickle Month). We’ll see what happens.

Are there any journals you like to use or would like to see created?




Updated Reading Journal Proofs Have Arrived

I mentioned in a previous post that I had received a couple of Reading Journal proofs to preview before publishing them.

Reading Journal Proofs

I was very happy with the quality of them, but I noticed a few things that I wanted to change before actually hitting “publish”. I updated them right away and ordered two new proofs.

Well, those updated proofs have now arrived!

Obviously the covers are completely different from the first proofs. As I had mentioned in my previous post, there are a total of 12 different journal options.

There are seven cover options to choose from with thin ruled lines.

Reading Journals Available There are five cover options to choose from with thick ruled lines. The rectangle on the covers can be used to write the journal owner’s name if desired. It’s also a nice way to easily tell the journals apart between wide ruled and thin ruled lines. All of the journals that include a name box on the front have wide ruled lines.

Reading Journals Available

Since I liked how the cover pictures of the first two proofs turned out, I decided to order different covers with updated interiors for my second set of proofs.

Again, I chose to order one with wide ruled lines and one with thin ruled lines to preview the insides of each.

Reading Journal Interiors

These large 8.5″ x 11″ soft cover reading journals have space to record a total of 100 books. Other than the spacing options, the insides are practically the same.

The interior contents include:

  • Total of 124 pages

  • A page to write the name of the journal owner

  • Personalized Table of Contents – journal owner writes the title of each book on the line next to its number to easily refer back to specific books

  • Letter to reader that explains each section, what the different numbers of stars mean for rating books, the difference between fiction and nonfiction books with examples, and some ideas to include in the section to write additional thoughts and comments

  • 100 pages to record 100 different books with space to:
    • write the book title, author, and number of pages
    • color in stars for a personalized book rating
    • fill in a circle next to the word fiction or nonfiction
    • write the date started and date ended
    • write any additional thoughts or comments about the book
    • Comes in two choices: thin ruled lines or wide ruled lines (as seen in picture)

Interior Wide Ruled Journal

  • Pages to record new words and definitions
  • Pages to write the titles of books to read in the future

  • An everything else section that includes information about me, image acknowledgments*, copyright information, and additional cover design options

My daughters were really excited to get the proofs, and they have already begun using them as their own reading journals.

My cat was excited to get the box. Infact, he sat next to the box waiting for me to set it on the ground for him.

As soon as it was on the ground, he was in the box.

After previewing the journals, I uploaded all of the interior files and clicked the button to publish them.

It may take up to 72 hours for the journals to be approved by Amazon. If they aren’t approved, I’ll have to figure out why and go from there to finish them. If they are approved, they will be available on Amazon for $6.95 each.

I’ll let you know when they are officially available for purchase!

Do you record books you read? If so, how?


*Image Acknowledgments:

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Frog Cover – Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Castle Cover – Image by Cari R. from Pixabay

Teddy Bear with Book Cover – Image by Oldiefan from Pixabay

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Paint Cover – Image by Hannibal Height from Pixabay

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Check out for more clipart options.