My High School Years: A Four-Year Journal is Now Available

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Earlier this year, my daughters and I were sorting through some things in our basement when one of my daughters found this little notecard bin.

Daily Memory Box

It may not look like much from the outside – just a plain, clear bin to hold notecards. But the inside is full of memories from years ago.

I had purchased the bin and labeled 365 notecards (one for each day of the year) at the beginning of 2015. Each night, I wrote the year and a short sentence or two about something my family had done that day. Then, I placed that notecard in the back, so the next day’s notecard was in the front.

I continued this for over a year and enjoyed reading what we had done on the same date the year before. For some reason, I stopped writing our daily entries, and the bin ended up forgotten in a box in our basement until my daughter found it.

Now, the little bin sits on her dresser. My daughter has been recording a daily entry in it ever since she discovered it.

It’s interesting to hear what we had done together four or five years ago on the same date. A lot has changed since then!

That little bin gave me the idea of creating a multi-year journal. That’s how the baby journal I created earlier this year was born!

Baby's First Year Three Year Journal

I had a couple of expecting moms I knew in mind as I put the baby journal together. But my daughters are past the baby stage, so I created another multi-year journal with my daughters in mind.

My High School Years: A Four-Year Journal is now available.

My High School Years Journal

I received the proof of the high school journal last week. The cover is gorgeous!

Of course, the actual journal will not say “Not For Resale” across it. That’s just what the proof says.

My High School Years: A Four-Year Journal

Journal owners can spend just a few minutes each day (or night before bed) to write a couple of sentences documenting memories, places visited, activities, current events, or whatever else is on their mind. If they miss a day, they can simply continue on whatever date it is. Great for the busy high schooler!

Each page is divided into four journal entries, one for each year that occurs on that page’s indicated date (except for February 29th, which only has one journal entry for Leap Year).

Journal owners can see their thoughts and activities from the previous years on the same dates. This is a great way to see how much remains the same and how much changes throughout 9th grade (freshman year), 10th grade (sophomore year), 11th grade (junior year), and 12th grade (senior year).

The journal is softcover and measures 7″ x 10″. The first entry begins on July 15th, so journal owners can record their thoughts as they prepare to start high school.

Additional pages in the back of the journal provide space to record:

  • favorites  
    • compare and contrast favorite food, song, movie, TV show, color, book, class, teacher, sport, hobby, restaurant, store, and two other options over the years in a simple chart
  • sports and clubs 
  • classes
  • goals
  • fill-in-the blank space for the writing prompt “After high school, I want to…”
  • special memories
  • anything else
  • pictures

I ordered two journals for my daughters. Unfortunately, I’m a year late for one, but she still plans to fill out the pages for her remaining high school years. I can’t believe I will have two high schoolers this year!

You can click here to order a high school journal today if you would like one. (All of my journals can be viewed in one spot here.)

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