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Adventure Writing Prompt Journal Available Now!

This 7.5″ x 9.25″ soft cover adventure writing prompt journal intended for ages 10+ includes:

  • 11 writing tips with additional information about points of view, showing instead of telling, and verb tenses
  • 52 full length pages of adventure photos
  • 52 corresponding writing prompts
  • almost 2 pages of lines for each writing prompt to write your story
  • Riveting Words section to write words to use in future writings/vocabulary words
  • About The Writer (That’s You!) page for journal owner

Check out this post to see pictures of the interior.

Reading Journals Available Now!

7 cover options for reading journals with thin ruled lines


5 cover options for reading journals with wide ruled lines for little readers/writers


These large 8.5″ x 11″ soft cover reading journals have space to record a total of 100 books.

The interior contents include:

  • Total of 124 pages
  • A page to write the name of the journal owner
  • Personalized Table of Contents – journal owner writes the title of each book on the line next to its number to easily refer back to specific books
  • Letter to reader that explains each section, what the different numbers of stars mean for rating books, the difference between fiction and nonfiction books with examples, and some ideas to include in the section to write additional thoughts and comments
  • 100 pages to record 100 different books with space to:
    • write the book title, author, and number of pages
    • color in stars for a personalized book rating
    • fill in a circle next to the word fiction or nonfiction
    • write the date started and date ended
    • write any additional thoughts or comments about the book (with your choice of thin ruled lines or wide ruled lines)
  • Pages to record new words and definitions
  • Pages to write the titles of books to read in the future

Check out this post to see pictures of the interiors.