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Write, Draw, Believe: 75+ Faith-Building Activities for Christian Kids (Made by Christian Kids)

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I have really enjoyed creating and publishing journals over the past year. I made reading journals for my daughters to record the books they’ve read, a field trip journal to record field trips we attend, a sermon notes journal to take notes during our Sunday morning sermons, a high school journal for my daughters to record daily snippets of their high school journey, and a baby journal for moms to record the first few years of their baby’s life.

My daughters and I also had the pleasure of creating an adventure writing prompt journal together.

So, it really wasn’t much of a surprise when my 13-year-old daughter came to me and said she had an idea for another journal we should create.

She explained to me how she wanted a journal similar to Rip It! Write It! Draw It! but specifically for Christian kids. She had plans of what she would do on each page and some Bible verses she could include. I absolutely loved her idea and told her she should create it!

My daughter had all the ideas, but she didn’t know how she would create the pictures and format the journal. That part sounded perfect for my 12-year-old daughter (her sister) who had just finished illustrating the book Aah! Blown Away, Crash! An Alphabet Misadventure.

Learn more about Aah! Blown Away, Crash! An Alphabet Misadventure here.

I figured having the two of them work together on this journal would be a great use of the extra time they had since most of their activities had been cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 quarantine.

They spent quite a bit of time planning exactly how they wanted each page to look and stored all of their ideas in a binder.

My 12-year-old daughter used Affinity Designer and Canva to turn all of their ideas on paper into reality. Let me just say, I am amazed by what my daughters were able to accomplish! I really hope they continue to use the gifts God has given them.

They found some images on Pixabay to use in the journal, but all of the images shown in these pictures were created by my 12-year-old daughter.

This is the first activity they created for the journal.

And here is another activity.

And another one.

Sorry, my website address won’t show up entirely on all of the pictures for some reason and my pictures aren’t the clearest. But other than that, aren’t they amazing?

My daughters created over 75 activities for the journal.

Each activity has at least one Bible reference that relates to that activity listed.

Just two more pictures of the inside activities. (I can’t show all of their pages!)

They named the journal Write, Draw, Believe: 75+ Faith-Building Activities for Christian Kids. The proof of their journal arrived last month. I loved seeing the expressions on their faces as they opened the package and looked through the proof.

They made a few changes before their journal was officially published on May 21st. So exciting!

Then, they ordered some copies to keep, hand out, and sell. Their box of copies arrived last Friday.

Of course, I bought a few copies, too. I’m waiting for them to sign my copy.

Write, Draw, Believe is now available on Amazon here.

I’ll close with the words they included on their dedication page:

“To all truth seekers- May you find the one and only Truth!”

“This journal is dedicated to every Christian obedient enough to follow God with their entire heart. May God give you the strength to follow His calling.”

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