Aah! Blown Away

Aah! Blown Away, Crash! Cover Reveal

Did you see the sneak peek of Aah! Blown Away, Crash!, my upcoming picture book? In case you missed it, Aah! Blown Away, Crash! is an alphabet misadventure about a Bird who Crashes on a Deserted island and the comical drama that ensues with only one to three words per page.

In the sneak peek, I shared one of the illustrations from the book. Crash!

A page from Aah! Blown Away, Crash!
Original Crash! Page from Aah! Blown Away, Crash!

Well, I’m excited to announce the cover illustration for Aah! Blown Away, Crash! has now been completed. Yay!

In case you haven’t seen it on the Books page, Home page, or Fun Extras Page, here it is:

Aah! Blown Away, Crash! Cover

My daughter has completed all of the main illustrations, which is really exciting. We still have a few things to do before Aah! Blown Away, Crash! can be published. I hope to create a teacher’s guide and some activity pages to go along with Aah! Blown Away, Crash! in the near future.

Stay tuned for more information about Aah! Blown Away, Crash!, an alphabet misadventure that should be available this year.

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