Sneak Peek of Field Trip Journal

My daughters and I have enjoyed going on many field trips over the years. We have toured places such as a sawmill, pigeon farm, goat farm, recycling center, landfill, fire station, apple orchard, pumpkin patch, stores, post offices, police station, state parks, national parks, and more. There are so many places to explore!

Some of the field trips have included hands-on activities such as when we sorted apples at an apple orchard.

sorting apples

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I love having my daughters document the field trips. For the past few years, we have been filling out this free field trip log from The Unlikely Homeschool. This has worked great for us, but I have been wanting an actual journal to keep their field trip records together. And I wanted to be able to record extra information that wasn’t included on the free field trip logs.

So, I created a field trip journal! The proof of the field trip journal has arrived for me to look through before it is officially published. The field trip journal will be available for purchase on Amazon in the near future.

Here is the proof of the field trip Journal. The actual field trip journal will not have a strip across the cover that says “Not for Resale”.

Field Trip Journal

This easy-to-carry 7.5″ x 9.25″ lightweight paperback journal has enough space to record up to twenty-four field trips. Of course, you can do the math. That’s two field trips each month for a year or one field trip each month for two years.

The beginning has space for the journal owner to write his or her name and the dates the journal was started and ended. There is also a customizable Table of Contents. The student can write the field trip name on each of the lines to easily refer to those field trip entries.

field trip journal interior

I also included a list of 33 field trip ideas and space for the student to write field trips to visit in the future. I have been a leader of a homeschool group and planned many field trips over the years, so I have lots of ideas!

There are four repeated pages for each of the field trips. The first two pages include the field trip number and space to fill in information for: where, when, with whom, I already know…, things to bring…, questions to ask, description, my favorite part…, my least favorite part…, and I learned…

Field Trip Journal pages 1-2

The third page provides space to insert pictures or drawings. The fourth page offers space to give a rating and fill in information such as: I should thank…, How did I say thank you, and more information I learned after the field trip.

Field Trip Journal pages 3-4

There are four extra pages in the back of the journal for any additional drawings, pictures, writings, or memorabilia from the field trips. There is also a page to write about the favorite field trip.

I’m looking forward to having my daughters fill their own field trip journals up with all of our future field trips. I wish I had created this field trip journal much sooner!

(If you are looking to “visit” zoos, aquariums, observatories, museums, food factories, and more from the comfort of your home, check out these 70+ virtual field trip opportunities and resources you can visit from home.)

What was your favorite field trip?

Update: Field trip journals are now available here (affiliate link)!

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