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Fun Balloon Activities for Kids

How are you doing on your goals for 2020 so far?

I’m working on a few different projects right now including Aah! Blown Away, Crash!another journal, and a nonfiction book for adults. I’m not sure how far I will get with any of those, but I will keep working at them when I am able. I hope to get all of them published some time this year!

I am also still writing for Hands On As We Grow. You can check out my most recent post about a fun energy busting activity to do with kids that involves balloons here. It’s a perfect activity for the bitterly cold days like we’ve been having here in Iowa!

Fun indoor balloon activity

Balloons are one of those supplies I always have on hand at home. And this is actually the third activity I’ve had published on Hands On As We Grow within the last twelve months that involves balloons. (Of course, adult supervision is required when playing with balloons.)

My daughters couldn’t control their laughter when we did this crazy fun balloon activity.

Balloon Activity Race for Kids

I love this picture of my niece when I did this water balloon shape matching activity with her.

Bucket with water balloons

Balloons can also be used in science experiments like this simple science experiment.

Simple Science Experiment

And this simple science experiment with yeast.

Bread Making Devotional Balloon Experiment

We even had a bunch of balloons out recently for my family’s annual New Year’s Eve tradition. I fill balloons with pieces of paper that include different activities to do throughout the day and into the evening.

My daughters always have fun popping the balloons to find out what our next activity will be. We generally come up with a list of activities we all want to do together ahead of time, but they don’t know which balloons contain those activities.

Of course, we pick up all of the pieces of the balloons as soon as they are popped so our cats don’t get a hold of them. My cat apparently had to make sure the balloons weren’t getting away.

Cat Watching Balloon

What are some fun activities you do with balloons?

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