New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year to you! I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. For the past few years, my daughters and I have rung in the New Year by popping balloons throughout the day on New Year’s Eve. I write activities on sheets of paper, which I stuff into individual balloons. Then, I write times on each of the inflated balloons. When the time written on the balloon arrives, my daughters pop the balloon and complete the written activity.

Some of the activities include doing a puzzle, playing games, doing specific crafts, completing chores (some things still need to get done around the house), assembling a gingerbread house, reading books, watching a movie, and writing goals we hope to accomplish in the upcoming year. This year, I have quite a few personal and family goals; however, I figured I would share some of my “writing adventure” goals with you.  None of them are very detailed, but here they are:

  • continue writing posts periodically for this website
  • continue adding items periodically to my Pinterest page
  • learn more about Goodreads
  • read at least 240 children’s books (and review those I like on Goodreads)
  • rewrite a story about a planetarium visit
  • write at least 2 books for a series I hope to publish some day
  • write and submit at least 20 articles, stories, or poems to magazines or websites
  • write a numbers and letters story
  • finish and submit an alphabet book I’m currently working on
  • submit a manuscript of at least one other book
  • continue going to the author group meetings
  • have fun!

I am ready (or at least as ready as I will be) for my 2018 journey. Do you have any goals for this year?

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