Jobs of a Preschooler

The Updated Proof Has Arrived

The updated proof of Jobs of a Preschooler arrived by mail today! I was very excited to receive the proof, and I really liked the updated cover of the book. I was ready to officially publish the book; however, after closer inspection, I decided that I would like eight of the illustrations to be changed. As a result, I have contacted my illustrator, and she is in the process of creating some new illustrations to replace the ones that I would like to be different. Needless to say, I will have to wait for the updated illustrations before I can move on with officially publishing the book. It may be a few weeks before I get the updated illustrations. Once I do receive them, I will give another update.

On a side note, I have figured out how to publish Jobs of a Preschooler as an e-book. Once I get all of the illustrations together, I intend to publish a soft cover and an e-book version for you to enjoy. Have a wonderful day!



Jobs of a Preschooler

The Proof Has Arrived

Yesterday, I received the proof of my book Jobs of a Preschooler. For those of you who may not know, a proof is the copy that is meant for an author (and possibly other people such as proofreaders or editors) to review before the book is officially published.

I was excited to see all of my work finally together in an actual book; however, there was a strip of white across the cover that I did not care for.

As a result, I spent quite a bit of time last night experimenting with the cover trying to find something that looked better (not only to me, but also to my family members who were willing to offer their opinions). I kept the same illustration; however, I did get rid of the white strip, and I changed the font. I am very thankful that the interior pages looked exactly the way that I had envisioned, so I did not need to make any revisions to the inside pages. Now, I will have to wait for the updated cover to be approved before a new proof can be sent to me.  I hope that the next proof will be even better! Who knows, maybe once I see the “new and improved” version, I will decide that the original cover really did look better all along.

Once I approve a proof, I will be able to set a publication date. Stay tuned for more information about Jobs of a Preschooler.