FREEBIE: Reading Log for Kids – Build a Caterpillar Printable

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Hey there! A Reading Log: Build a Caterpillar printable has been added to the Freebie Library.

FREEBIE Reading Log Build a Caterpillar printable available

Contents of the Reading Log: Build a Caterpillar Printable

The Reading Log: Build a Caterpillar printable is a fun way to encourage kids to read. It comes with two pages of circles, which can be cut out with scissors or a hole punch (such as this one).

FREEBIE: Reading Log Build a Caterpillar printable

Choose a reading challenge for your kids and build a caterpillar as the challenge is completed. (I like displaying things on my wall for my kids to see, so I use a lot of painter’s tape like this. Just keep in mind that the paint may still peel if the tape is up for a long period of time.)

FREEBIE: Reading log grow a caterpillar

Directions for the Book Notes for Kids Printable

  1. Go to the Freebie Library.
  2. Scroll to the Reading Freebies section and click on the Freebie: Reading Log: Build a Caterpillar picture. (It looks the same as the picture at the top of this post.)
  3. Print the pages with the circles. You may want to print multiple copies of the page with only circles if you want to build a really long caterpillar.
  4. Cut or punch out all the circles, including the caterpillar’s head. Then display the caterpillar’s head on a wall or other visible space.
  5. Choose your reading challenge and set a goal. Each circle could represent a book that has been read or a set amount of reading time (such as fifteen minutes or thirty minutes).
  6. Each time a challenge is completed, add a circle to create the caterpillar’s body. For example, if you choose to have each circle represent fifteen minutes of reading time and your kid reads for thirty minutes, add two circles to the caterpillar display. If you choose to have each circle represent a book your kid has read, you could write the book’s title and the author’s name on the circle before adding it to your caterpillar.
  7. Continue adding circles to the caterpillar until a set goal, such as twenty circles, has been reached. If desired, offer a prize for reaching the goal.

Books to Read

Below is a list of books about butterflies, moths, and caterpillars to match the caterpillar-theme reading log.

Caterpillars on milkweed plants

Prize Ideas

Prizes are optional. But if you choose to offer a prize, here are a few caterpillar-themed ideas.

Happy Reading!

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