FREEBIE: Reading Log Chart Printable

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Hey there! A Reading Log Chart printable has been added to the Freebie Library.

Free reading log chart for kids available. Perfect for summer reading programs!

Contents of the Reading Log Chart Printable

The Reading Log Chart printable is a great way to record all the books your kids read. Write the date, title and author, number of pages read, and the amount of reading time in the provided spaces.

Free Reading Log Chart available to record books your kids have read

Also, record the totals, goals, and a name in spaces at the bottom of the chart. Perfect for summer reading programs!

Reading Log Chart for kids available. Perfect for recording the books they read!

Directions for the Reading Log Chart Printable

  1. Go to the Freebie Library.
  2. Scroll to the Reading Freebies section and click on the Freebie: Reading Log Chart picture. (It looks the same as the picture at the top of this post.)
  3. Print the reading log. Then fill in the space for the name and reading goals.
  4. Complete the other spaces after reading time until the chart is filled. If desired, print more charts and store them in a folder or three-ring binder.
  5. A prize could be offered when the chart has been completed or a goal has been reached.

Books to Read

Below are links for some book ideas.

Prize Ideas

Prizes are optional. But if you choose to offer a prize, here are a few book-themed ideas.

Happy Reading!

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