FREEBIE: Book Notes Printable for Adults

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Hey there! A Book Notes for Adults printable has been added to the Freebie Library.

Freebie Book Notes for Adults PDF

Contents of the Book Notes for Adults Printable

The Book Notes for Adults printable includes space to record the book number, title, author’s name, and notes.

Additional pages filled with lines are included to record extra notes.

This Book Notes for Adults printable is great for readers who like to write notes, quotes, additional research ideas, or other thoughts. The printable is also useful for authors and editors who like to take notes about books they are reading or editing.

The floral design at the bottom of the pages adds an elegant element to the otherwise-boring pages. And it looks good in color or grayscale!

Directions for the Book Notes for Adults Printable

  1. Go to the Freebie Library.
  2. Scroll to the Reading Freebies section and click on the Freebie: Book Notes for Adults picture. (It looks the same as the picture at the top of this post.)
  3. Print the pages. You may want to print multiple copies at once, so you can record notes for multiple books.
  4. Keep all the pages together by storing them in a three-ring binder or folder.
  5. When you are ready to use the pages, write the book number in the flower wreath. For example, the first book you write about will have the number one in the wreath, the second book will have the number two in the wreath, and so on. Then add the book’s title and author’s name. Finally, write your notes as you read.

Book Notes for Adults Journal Available

If you don’t want to deal with printing and storing the pages in a binder or folder, you may be interested in a Book Notes Journal for Adults. This journal includes a personalized table of contents and enough pages to record notes for a total of twenty-five books. (Note: The interior of this journal is in grayscale, so there are no color images. The only color is on the cover.)

Click Here to Order

Happy Reading and Notetaking!

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