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The Truth About…Children’s Book Series

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A local picture book group had a meeting recently to discuss nature themed books. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the meeting, but I still read the books that had been included on the list to discuss.

My favorite book from the list was The Truth About Bears, which I was really excited to find is part of a series. Of course, I had to see if the library had the rest of the series for me to read.

And they did have most of them! Here are the books that are part of The Truth About… book series.

The Truth About…Books

The Truth About Bears

Read this book to learn interesting facts about bears in a fun format. I think it is a common misconception that polar bears and penguins live in the same area, so I really liked the page where the polar bear is trying to show a penguin where he lives on a globe and the penguin says “Never heard of it.” The book also points out the fact that koalas are not bears in a fun way. The part about what bears eat made me laugh. What are rodents? The last few pages include facts on bear safety (again in a fun tone) and additional information.

The Truth About Crocodiles

Read this book to find more information about crocodilians including crocodiles, aligators, caimans, and the gharial in a fun format. Did you know “some crocs put sticks on their snouts to attract birds building nests”? Pretty clever! There is some information about how to stay safe in croc territory and additional facts included in the back of the book.

The Truth About Dolphins

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to check this one out from my local library, but I am assuming it talks about dolphins (or porpoises) in a fun format.

The Truth About Elephants 

Learn about the largest animals on land, how to tell the difference between Asian elephants and African elephants, what elephants use their trunks for, how many teeth they have (I was surpised by this fact), who is in their herds, how they communicate long distances, what they do when threatened, and why humans are their biggest threat all while reading this book.

Just a side note: I know that not everyone agrees the earth is millions of years old, so I just wanted to say that one page does state “elephants evolved over millions of years with similar (now extinct) animals.”

The Truth About Hippos

Read this book to find fun facts about hippos told in a fun format. Learn the difference between a common hippo and a pygmy hippo, how much they weigh, what they eat, how far they can open their mouths, a “fun fact” about what they do when they go to the bathroom, and more. Also, did you know “hippos can’t actually swim”? Additional facts about hippos are included in the back of the book.

What other animal would you like to see as a part of this series?


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