SCBWI Adventures in Nonfiction Conference

I was really excited about attending the SCBWI Adventures in Nonfiction conference, and I am happy to say that I was not disappointed. I had a lot of fun and learned so much!

I came home with 14 pages of notes in a notebook, multiple worksheets (with even more of my handwritten notes), numerous ideas for nonfiction children’s books, and a personalized signed copy of Women Who Dared that I won as a door prize.

Women Who Dared is a beautiful book about 52 (not as well-known) women in history who dared to dream big.

Women Who Dared Book

Some things we discussed at the conference include:

  • numerous nonfiction formats with lots of books as examples
  • ways to come up with ideas for a nonfiction book (did a fun exercise for this)
  • trends of nonfiction
  • job of an editor
  • effective submission strategies
  • work-for-hire information
  • visual appeal
  • word counts
  • sources to use/research information
  • when to follow-up with a submission
  • common mistakes in manuscripts
  • types of educational markets
  • advantages/disadvantages of working with educational markets
  • resources to look at to find more information
  • cover letters and resumes
  • writing for an existing series
  • writing for a specific grade level
  • picture book biographies
  • “through lines” (with another fun exercise)
  • matching voice of story with subject
  • openings

I am still trying to process all of the information, but I am excited to create some works of nonfiction using some of the information I learned. Nonfiction does not have to mean boring!

What is something you are trying to learn more about?








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