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Be a Scientist With an A-maze-ing Potato

Your child may have fun being a scientist like the girl in Jobs of a Preschooler with a potato maze. To make the maze, follow the steps below.

  1. Gather the needed supplies: potato with an eye, shoebox with a lid, cardboard, scissors, a knife, and tape
  2. Cut a large circular hole in one side corner of the shoebox. (I found the knife worked best for this.)
  3. Tape two pieces of cardboard (cut to fit) inside of the shoebox on opposite sides to create a maze.
  4.  Set the potato with the eye in the shoebox on the side away from the cut hole.
  5. Close the lid and put the shoebox in a spot where the sun can shine through the hole. (You want light to only come in where the hole is.) Have your child hypothesize what will happen.
  6. After a few days, see if there have been any changes to the potato.

Potato experiment

As you can see above, the eye of the potato sprouted and started to make its way through the maze to the hole on the opposite end of the box. It should continue to make its way through the maze as it grows towards the light.  This is a fun experiment to show how plants grow towards light.

Jobs of a Preschooler- I'm a scientist...


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