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More Crafts/Activities for Jobs of a Preschooler Available

In the book Jobs of a Preschooler, the young girl has many different “jobs” throughout her day that a typical preschooler may do. On Fun Extras, I have coloring pages and a list of activities that little ones can do along with the book. If you are looking for even more fun ideas to do with Jobs of a Preschooler, please check out my Pinterest board entitled Jobs of a Preschooler. I think you may have to sign in to see the board accurately; however, even if you are not signed in, you should be able to see some of the ideas. I currently have the Jobs of a Preschooler board divided into 12 sections. Each section is another “job” from the story. Even if you do not have the book Jobs of a Preschooler, these activities may be fun to do with the little ones in your life. I hope to continue to add more crafts and activities to do along with Jobs of a Preschooler throughout the upcoming year.

I have been trying to teach myself how to use Pinterest over the past couple of weeks, so if links are not working properly, please let me know so I can try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Also, if the Jobs of a Preschooler board does not show up divided nicely into 12 sections for you while you are logged in, please let me  know – I’m still learning! Besides adding more crafts and activities to my Jobs of a Preschooler board, I hope to add more fun pins to the Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles board and some other ideas/quotes that I find of interest to share. It’s all a work in progress. You are welcome to follow me on Pinterest if you would like to join me on this adventure! If you aren’t interested in following all of my boards, you should be able to select the one(s) that you are interested in.

May you have a wonderful day!


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