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Jobs of a Preschooler Preschool Storytime

Today, I had the opportunity to lead a preschool storytime at a Barnes & Noble. I had a lot of fun reading Jobs of a Preschooler and doing various projects that go along with the book. We did all of the same activities as when I had done the preschool storytime at a library for Jobs of a Preschooler, which you can read about here if interested. The kids were able to go home with their decorated “microphones”, bracelets, coloring pages (if you would like to print your own copies, click here), and bookmarks. Most of the kids also went home with a signed copy of Jobs of a Preschooler or Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles. Part of the proceeds from the books purchased today will be donated to Iowa BIG. For more information about Iowa Big, you can visit their website here. I am looking forward to more book events throughout the month of November. Have a wonderful day!


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