Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles

Creating My Own Font Part 1

For Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles, I really wanted a font that looked like pickles to spell the word PICKLES, but I wasn’t sure where or how I would be able to do that. I researched “pickle font”, but I didn’t have much luck finding exactly what I had envisioned.

Through some more research, I found a website called Calligrapher that allows people to create fonts using their own handwriting. My daughters and I experimented with this site for quite some time, and now I have my daughters’ handwriting saved on my computer as a font, which I think is really neat. Unfortunately, even though we had a lot of fun playing with the website creating our own handwriting fonts, I still wanted something that looked like pickles. Since my handwriting doesn’t naturally take on the appearance of pickles, I thought I would try to draw pickles into different letters. Well, I am not an artist…drawing pickle-shaped letters into little boxes proved to be a frustrating challenge for me. I just couldn’t get those little pickles to look like actual pickles!

After unsuccessfully drawing pickle-shaped letters, I decided I would use some actual pickles for a “pickle photo shoot”. My daughters and I experimented with a variety of pickles, but in the end we all agreed that the little whole pickles looked the best as letters. Although we got a little sticky, we had fun finding the perfect pickles to create the various letters to spell the word PICKLES. We arranged the pickles into each individual letter (P-I-C-K-L-E-S) on a white cutting board so that I could take a few pictures of each of them using my digital camera. Once we had a picture worth keeping for the letter, we moved on to assembling the next letter.  Here are a couple of pickled letters:

Once I had the pictures of pickle-shaped letters, I had to figure out how to format and edit them to spell out the word PICKLES so that it could be inserted into the book. Stay tuned for more information on how I turned the pictures into this:

PICKLES written using pickles

Disclosure: A few pickles were harmed (eaten) during the photo shoot. (Update: Click here to read Creating My Own Font Part 2)

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