Jobs of a Preschooler

Jobs of a Preschooler Receives Readers’ Favorite 5-Star Review

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Jobs of a Preschooler has received a Readers’ Favorite five star review! This is what Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite had to say about the book:

“The experiences of the preschooler in the story and her busy schedule will take young readers into a world brimming with different types of activities and jobs and, though tiring, it speaks about the fun they have while doing these jobs.

The story is engaging and interesting and children will be able to relate to the activities of the preschooler in the story. The illustrations make the concept clear and vivid, and give the story life and movement. It is a good bedtime storybook that parents can read out to their kids. Teachers and educators can use it for interactive sessions in classrooms to speak about the activities that can keep a preschooler engaged, active, and happy so that they are busy and occupied doing fun things. The preschooler in the book also shows how tiring a day can be with all these jobs, though it is fun doing them. It is a good book for educators and parents, as it gives them ideas on how to keep children busy and occupied doing things that are informative, interactive, fun, and educational.” 

I will now be able to include the Readers’ Favorite Five Star Review seal on the cover of my book, which I hope to have available within the next couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful day!

Readers' Favorite Five Stars Seal

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