Jobs of a Preschooler

Jobs of a Preschooler is Now Available!

The book Jobs of a Preschooler is now available for the preschool-aged child(ren) in your life to enjoy! You may purchase a softcover copy or e-book on Amazon. (This is an affiliate link, which means I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if you choose to click on it and make a purchase.) It is also available on Barnes & Noble (not an affiliate link).

I hope you are able to enjoy it with the little ones in your life. Have a wonderful day!





2 thoughts on “Jobs of a Preschooler is Now Available!

  1. Teachers I know have been excited about the book as a teaching tool, as well as Grandmothers who enjoy reading to their grandchildren. I took it to a gathering and four were gone in minutes!
    Nice job, Brigitte! Excited for the next one.


    1. Thank you! I sent you a personal response right after you sent me this comment (5 months ago); however, I realized I never commented online for others to see. I hope others know that I do read all of the comments sent to me, and I will respond if I am able. Have a wonderful day!


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