Jobs of a Preschooler

Jobs of a Preschooler Part 1 (In the Beginning)

After doing extensive research, I have finally decided to publish my first book, which will be entitled Jobs of a Preschooler. I have learned a lot already, and I hope to continue learning more as I go through this process.

I think most adults have heard of the many jobs a parent may do throughout his or her day. Depending on who you talk to, parents are chauffeurs (driving the kids everywhere), cooks (making the many meals), nurses (fixing the boo-boos), counselors (mediating between two or more kids), cheerleaders (cheering on the sidelines), and much more.  I decided to take this concept and apply it to the various activities that a preschooler may do throughout his or her day. Out of this idea, came Jobs of a Preschooler, which I had actually written with the intent of submitting as a poem for a preschool-aged magazine.

As I was writing Jobs of a Preschooler, I envisioned different pictures that would fit well with each line. The poem wasn’t a good fit for this particular magazine, so I decided to pursue compiling it together in book form. I was actually more excited about having it in book form because I was hoping that each “job” could have its own unique illustration to enhance the reading experience, which wouldn’t have been possible as a poem typed out on a single magazine page.

The only problem with putting it together in book form – the illustrations! That probably seems odd since I just said that I was excited about putting it together as a book so that I could have illustrations. Although I enjoy writing, drawing is not my forte. Not only am I not a good artist, I don’t really enjoy drawing (probably since I get so frustrated with the end result of my “work”). Since I am writing and publishing books for fun in my free-time, I didn’t want to consume a lot of my time attempting to come up with my own “adequate” illustrations for the book. For that reason, I decided to find an illustrator to put the ideas in my head on to paper for me.

More information about how I found the illustrator for Jobs of a Preschooler will be in my next post. Have a wonderful day!







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