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Use Pipe Cleaners as Stamps

I have been having fun finding crafts and activities for parents and teachers to do along with my book Jobs of a Preschooler. As I find projects, I add them to my Pinterest Board (link to my Pinterest board) entitled Jobs of a Preschooler, which I wrote about here.

Recently, I have been seeing pictures of people folding pipe cleaners into  a variety of shapes to use as stamps. My daughters decided to do a similar project and turned some piple cleaners into hearts. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day theme!

Here are their colorful heart shaped stamps made from pipe cleaners:

Use pipe cleaners to create stamps!

Using their handmade stamps, they had fun painting their own little creations. Here is one project:

DIY stamps with pipe cleaners

Here is the other:

Such a simple and fun art project to do with the kiddos. Just make sure to keep the pipe cleaners away from any kitties! My cat loves pipe cleaners for some reason, and he was eager to play with one of the painted pipe cleaners that accidentally fell on the floor. Needless to say, I had a little bit of paint to clean off his paws and the floor!

Happy painting! What are some other fun-shaped stamps you can create using pipe cleaners?

Using pipe cleaners for stamps