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Celebrate National Penguin Awareness Day

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There are many national days, which can be fun to celebrate. Last year, I had a lot of fun celebrating National Pickle Day with my book Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles. You can read all about my fun Pickle Day celebration by clicking here if interested.

Did you know January 20th is National Penguin Awareness Day? A few years ago, my daughters and I had a lot of fun celebrating penguins. I hung up black and white streamers, we watched a penguin movie, read penguin books, and did a bunch of other crafts and activities. This year, I wrote a post for Hands On As We Grow about numerous activities you can do with the little ones in your life to celebrate penguins. You can find those activities on Hands On As We Grow here if you would like.

What are some interesting celebrations you have celebrated with your little ones?

My daughters and I decided to be little chefs like the girl in Jobs of a Preschooler by creating our own little snack to celebrate National Penguin Awareness Day.

From book Jobs of a Preschooler...Preschooler being a chef

Using cream cheese, black olives, carrots, and round crackers, we created little penguin treats. I found this idea on Fantastic Fun and LearningHere are the finished penguin snacks that my daughters created:

Penguin crackers to celebrate Penguin Awareness Day

They were almost too cute to eat. They received thumbs up reviews just like in Jobs of a Preschooler when the little girl was a taste tester.

from book Jobs of a Preschooler...preschooler being a taste tester

What are some fun snacks you have enjoyed making with your little ones?