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Be a Sculptor With Clay Creations

I hope you were able to have an enjoyable Christmas. I had a relaxing Christmas with my family at home. It was so nice to stay home, watch my daughters open their gifts, play games, read books, do a 300 piece puzzle, watch a couple of movies, and enjoy a ham dinner together.

My favorite Christmas gift this year is a homemade creation one of my daughters made for me. She used some clay, paint, and a palm tree that she found in our craft supplies to create this cute decoration for the master bathroom.

clay beach creation

Here is the back view:

clay beach creation

My other daughter also made a clay creation, which she gave to her sister as a Christmas gift. Here are a couple of pictures of her sweet gift.

clay heart creation

Below is a view from the top. She wrote “Jesus loves you!” in it.clay heart creation

These sweet clay creations reminded me of the little girl inĀ Jobs of a Preschooler when she is a sculptor.

Jobs of a Preschooler- I am a sculptor...

Maybe the little ones in your life can have fun creating their own little clay creations for you to display in your home.

What clay creations will they come up with?