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Nature Walk: Where Will You Find a Nest?

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I had mentioned in a previous post that your little ones can be scientists by taking a nature walk to make some fun discoveries.

Besides finding tracks, little ones may have fun finding nests (without touching or disturbing them). I have been doing some research recently on nests.

While doing research on nests, I watched multiple videos on animals building nests. They are all so intriguing to me, so I have decided to share a few of them with you.

Many other animals such as wasps, bees, squirrels, mice, and chimpanzees also build nests.

My family has enjoyed walking through the woods while the trees are bare to find bird nests and squirrel nests. I have taken some pictures of nests that we have spotted over the years.

This bird nest was easy to find in a tree.

nest in tree

Last summer, one of my daughters and I spent a few days together at a camp. We enjoyed finding nests in random places throughout the camp.

This one was in the corner of a gazebo.

nest in a building

This one was in another outside structure.

nest on wood

This nest was on the side of one of the buildings on a light.

nest on light

Just as a side note: Nests on lights make me a little nervous. Years ago, I had a bird build its nest in my light fixture on the front of my garage. I turned the lights on late one night, and the nest caught on fire as my family was in the house sleeping. Thankfully, I was awake and noticed the reflection of the fire in my car windshield through the front window of the house. My husband (who had been sleeping) was quick to put the fire out with the hose attached to the front of our house when I yelled “fire”. My daughters slept through it all. Unfortunately for the bird, the nest was completely destroyed. I thank God, though, that we only had to replace the light fixture and siding on our house.  I now make sure there aren’t any birds attempting to build nests near any of my lights.

This nest was above the back deck on the cabin we slept in. My daughter and I had fun playing card games on the deck as the mom bird flew back and forth to the nest.

nest on side of cabin

This bird built its nest along the side of a wall. This reminds me of all of the swallow mud nests my family has seen crammed together on the bottom of bridges. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of those.

bird nest above thermometer

Last spring, we found this nest on the back of a satellite dish.

nest with eggs

We have seen multiple bald eagle nests along the Mississippi River. They are huge! The parents return to the nest and continue to add to it each year. This is a picture of a bald eagle’s nest replica at a nature center.

bald eagle nest

Did you know it takes years before a bald eagle gets its white feathers on its head and tail? Each year, you can watch bald eagles live on their nest on the Decorah Eagles Camera.

I remember when I was little, my parents often had killdeers lay eggs in their rocks on the ground. Whenever someone would walk even remotely close to the rocks, the mom would start hopping away as though she had a broken wing.

It is amazing to me how each nest is built to be perfectly suited for that particular creature. I am intrigued by the variety of shapes, sizes, and building materials of each of the nests. I believe God did an amazing job when he created animals capable of building such detailed nests.

Books About Nests for Kids

If you would like to read books about nests with your little ones, you may be interested in the following books:

All Kinds of Nests! by Eun-gyu Choi

Amazing Animal Architects of the Air: A 4D Book by Mari Schuh

A Nest is Noisy by Dianna Hutts 

Bird Builds a Nest by Martin Jenkins

Birds Make Nests by Michael Garland

Birds, Nests & Eggs by Mel Boring

Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward 

Nest by Jorey Hurley

Squirrels and Their Nests by Martha E. Rustad

This is the Nest That Robin Built by Denise Fleming

Where will you find a nest?

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