Simple 4th of July Craft for Kids

For the past few years, my daughters and I have had a lot of fun doing simple crafts and activities once a month with residents at a local assisted living facility.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to visit the residents since February this year because of COVID-19, but we are looking forward to the chance of visiting them again when we can.

Last July, we had the opportunity to create simple fireworks paintings with them using straws.

The residents seemed to really enjoy using a variety of bright colors – green, yellow, red, blue, and orange.

My daughters and I decided to try this craft again this year at home. They chose blue, white, red, and silver for paint colors.

You can check out all of the details of how we made these simple fireworks paintings using straws on Hands On As We Grow here if you would like.

May you have a wonderful day!

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