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Free End-Of-Year School Survey Available

Our homeschool year is coming to an end at our house, which means it is time for our annual end-of-year school survey.

Read all about my family’s end-of-year school surveys in this post I wrote for Homeschool Iowa.

In the post, I discuss…

  • the reasons an end-of-year school survey is beneficial
  • different ways end-of-year school surveys can be done
  • possible questions to include on the surveys
  • how I examine the surveys
  • how the surveys help me plan for the upcoming school year

My end-of-year school surveys are always very basic. This year the survey we did was two pages long.

Here is page one of our 2020 end-of-year school survey.

And here is page two of our 2020 end-of-year school survey.

You are welcome to download your own copy of this end-of-year survey if you would like by clicking the download button below.

Please check out this post on Homeschool Iowa for additional information about our end-of-year homeschool surveys.

Do you do an end-of-year school survey? If so, I’d love to hear more about it in the comments below!

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