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20 Pickle Gifts Under $25 for Pickle Lovers

(This post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission at no extra charge to you if you click on a link and make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I greatly appreciate all purchases you make using these links. Thank you!)

Do you know what November 14th is? National Pickle Day!

In preparation of National Pickle Day, I have put together a list of 20 gifts under $25 (at the time of this writing) for pickle lovers. These would also make great Christmas gifts for those pickle lovers in your life (or yourself if you are a pickle lover)!

Check out 20 gifts under $20 for Pickle Lovers (posted for last National Pickle Day) and 20 more gifts under $20 for Pickle Lovers (posted for National Pickle Month in July) if you missed them last time.

These are all items I found by doing an online search and have not seen them in person. So, please do your own research before making a purchase to determine if it is truly what you want.

Pickle T-Shirts

These pickle t-shirts come in a variety of sizes and colors for men, women, and children. Which one is your favorite?

Just A Girl Who Loves Pickles T-Shirt

It may say “Just a Girl…”, but these shirts are available to fit men, women, and youth. There are a variety of background colors including slate, baby blue, heather grey, heather blue, and pink available.

Dancing Pickle T-Shirt

This dancing pickle t-shirt is available in select sizes for men, women, and youth. There are a variety of background color to choose from such as black, navy, royal blue, dark heather, and purple.

I Love Pickles T-Shirt

This I Love Pickles t-shirt is available in select sizes for men, women, and youth. Background colors to choose from include black, asphalt, royal blue,cranberry, and purple.

I’m Here To Eat All The Pickles T-Shirt

This t-shirt is available in select sizes for men, women, and youth. Black, navy, asphalt, royal blue, and purple are the possible background choices.

Pickle Hats

Do you prefer sun hats or baseball hats? Either way, these pickle hats will have you covered.

Pickles Bucket Sun Hat 

Keep the sun out of your eyes with this pickle bucket sun hat that is available in one size.

“Basketball Playing Pickle” Sun Hat

For the pickle loving basketball player who wants to offer protection to the eyes from the sun.

Pickle Baseball Hat

This pickle baseball hat is available in khaki or white.

Dill With It Denim Baseball Hat

This particular hat only comes in blue; however, it appears there are other links to hats that have the same “Dill With It” and pickle design available in grey, red, and blue.

Pickle Bags and Packs

Check out these four pickle bags and packs to see if there is one just right for you.

I’m Kind of a Big Dill Drawstring Bag

Take a pickle drawstring bag with you on your next vacation, gym visit, or whatever else you may need a bag for.

Pickles Backpack

This pickles backpack is made out of recycled water bottles.

Dill With It Canvas Tote Bag

The description suggests using this pickle tote for things such as carrying books home from the library and wrapping Christmas presents.

Insulated Pickle Lunch Tote Bag

Keep warm food warm and cold food cold for hours (according to the description) with this insulated pickle lunch tote bag.

Pickle Towels

Choose between one of these pickle themed towel choices to be used in the kitchen, on the beach, or in the bathroom.

Pickle Hand Towels

This is a set of two pickle hand towels.

Just So You Know… I’m Kind of a Big Dill Kitchen Hand Towel

This kitchen towel measures 16″x24″.

I’m Kind of a Big Dill Hand Towels

This is a set of two matching kitchen hand towels with pickles.

Large Pickle Beach/Bath Towel

It’s may be too cold to go to a beach (at least in some places), but this large pickle towel can be used as a bath towel, too. This pickle towel measures 32″x52″.

Pickle Books

Even adults may enjoy a pickle themed children’s book!

Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles by Brigitte Brulz

Of course, I had to add this to the list! This is an item from this list that I have actually seen in person. Free coloring pages, activity ideas, and a teacher’s guide are available to go along with Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles on Fun Extras.

I Would Love you Even if You Were a Pickle by  Bucleigh Newton Kernodle

I would love you even if you were a pickle. I have ever told anyone that before.

Stop That Pickle! by Peter Armour

Why does someone need to stop a pickle?

Pickle-Chiffon Pie by Jolly Roger Bradfield

You could try to invent your own “pickle-chiffon pie” after reading this book.

What is your favorite pickle themed item?



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