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Way to Keep Gift Cards Organized

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My family rarely eats out, but when we do, we often end up at Culver’s. As a result, I have learned some money saving tips for eating out at Culver’s. I wrote about those tips in a guest post for Money Saving Mom, which has been published.

If you are interested in learning how you can save money on your visits to Culver’s, you can check out the guest post entitled 6 Ways to Save Money at Culver’s.

If you are not familiar with Culver’s, you may not know what Free Scoop coupons or Scoopie Tokens are (which I mentioned in the tips). So, here is a picture.

They are on the side of the bag of every kid’s meal at Culver’s. The Free Scoop coupon can be used for a free scoop of custard immediately, or it can be saved for a future visit. It’s nice to be able to go for a small treat every now and then and not have to pay anything out of pocket, so I like to save these.

I also hold on to the Scoopie Tokens because ten Scoopie Tokens equals one free kid’s meal.

In the post for Money Saving Mom, it also says my family uses money set aside for the restaurant gift cards. What it didn’t say is that the money set aside is really cashback bonuses from our credit card.

My husband and I use our credit card for every purchase that can be put on the credit card. With that being said, we stay within budget and pay it off as soon as we get the bill. Neither of us are big spenders, so we aren’t really tempted to spend all kinds of money on useless items. We have never had a late fee, interest payment fee, or any other fee associated with credit cards. We also do not spend money simply for the cashback bonuses – that would be really stupid!

This past year while we were on vacation was actually the first time we spent money at a restaurant in years without using cashback bonuses. Before that, we didn’t go out to eat unless we had cashback bonus money or gift cards to use to pay for our meals.

For a while, I kept gift cards and restaurant coupons in an envelope that stayed in the center console of our car. After a while, it made more sense to keep the envelope in my purse so that it was always with me.

Unfortunately, envelopes tend to fall apart rather easily.

So, I recently decided to upgrade. I purchased the Karlling Slim Minimalist Soft Leather Mini Case Holder Organizer Wallet for 20 Credit Cards (affiliate link).

It’s available in dark blue, pink, orange, green, and black. I chose black. Although I haven’t had it for very long, I do like it.

It’s small and fits in my purse easily, hopefully will last longer than an envelope, and holds all of my gift cards (and Culver’s coupons).

I wrote the total amount remaining on each of the gift cards on the front of them with permanent marker. I hope to continue to update the totals as needed using a permanent marker, so I can easily see how much I have available on them.

The card holder also snaps shut, so the gift cards and coupons can remain in it without getting lost. I chose to put the gift cards in alphabetical order, which makes it easier to find exactly what I am looking for!

Although, it may be a pain having to move them around when I use them or get new gift cards – I guess I’ll see how well having them in alphabetical order works.

Do you have any tips on how to keep your gift cards organized?




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