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Display Spring and Summer Activities

The first day of spring was already 24 days ago!

I’ve mentioned in the past that my daughters and I brainstorm a list of activities to do for spring and summer in early spring and a list of activities to do for fall and winter in early fall, and we find a fun way to display them.

We had “bucket lists” for quite a few years using buckets I had purchased at the Dollar Tree (2/$1) and clothespins.

After my daughters each decorated a bucket, we wrote the activities we wanted to complete for the upcoming two seasons individually on the clothespins. These clothespins were then placed inside of the buckets. As we completed the activities, we clipped the clothespins to the outer rim of a bucket.

bucket lists

The buckets were fun, but we have since moved on to other ways of displaying our seasonal activities.

We’ve built ice cream cone scoops for our spring and summer list for a couple of years. As the activities were completed, they were added to the ice cream cone.

display your spring and summer activities

We’ve built a wreath with paper leaves and light bulbs for our fall and winter list.

Display your winter and fall activities!

This past fall and winter, we decided to write on leaves and light bulbs again for our fall and winter activities, but we decided to display them differently as they were completed.

We created a tree with the completed activities using the paper leaves and light bulbs.

Fall and winter activities

Now that it is spring, it is time to create a new list of activities for the upcoming spring and summer months. We have done the ice cream cone for a couple of years now, and we decided we wanted to try something a little different this year.

After some brainstorming, we decided to show our spring and summer activity list this year with bubbles.

We had a large circular hole punch that we were hoping to use for the bubbles, but it unfortunately broke after making just a few circles. So, my daughters traced circles on white card stock using the few circles that they were able to punch out.

They wrote the activities individually on each of the bubbles, cut them out, and added a small line on the top of each circle trying to make them appear more like bubbles.

Then we taped them to a wall using painter’s tape.

spring and summer activity list

On the adjoining wall, we taped a bubble wand one of my daughters drew on yellow construction paper and cut out. As the activities are completed, they get moved to this wall.

We’ve already completed some of the activities, so they have been moved.

spring and summer activities

When we do activities that weren’t written down, we will create new bubbles to add to the completed list, too. That way at the end of spring and summer, we can look back on all of the activities we have done.

Show spring and summer activity list.

I have always enjoyed doing these lists because it gives us some ideas of activities to do on days when we may not have anything else planned, makes me more intentional with doing activities with my daughters, and shows us what we have been able to do together.

It’s fun to listen to my daughters as they remove the activities from the previous seasons because they talk about some of the activities in detail recalling what we had done.

What will you be doing this spring and summer?


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