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2 Websites for Children’s Book Writers

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I have learned a lot since beginning my writing adventure.

There is so much to learn! Publishing options, query letters, manuscripts, point of view, literary agents, publishers, research techniques, different styles of children’s books, magazine articles vs. book manuscripts, marketing, page turns, and the list goes on.

Of course, I’m still learning.

In the process, I have published two books, been interviewed on live TV, led preschool story times, celebrated National Pickle Day, attended SCBWI conferences, found a writing group, become a Network Chair for SCBWI Iowa, and more.

live interview of Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles

One of the requirements I have as a Network Chair for SCBWI Iowa is to write a post for the SCBWI Iowa website. For those of you who don’t know, SCBWI stands for Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. It is an organization that helps writers and illustrators of children’s books by providing resources such as The Book, offering conferences, creating opportunities for writers and illustrators to communicate with one another, and more.

SCBWI The Book

Since SCBWI builds a community and encourages writers (and illustrators), I tried thinking of a way I could write a post that would benefit all of the writers who may read the post. My answer came just a couple of days later when I read an announcement about a website created for authors by another SCBWI Iowa member.

I investigated the website and found that it had a lot of useful information and resources for writing, marketing, and publishing. So, I decided to reach out to the creator of the website and ask if she would be okay with a virtual interview about her website to share with others.

That website is Journey to Kidlit created by Brooke Van Sickle. Brooke was very gracious and answered all of my questions.

I also knew of another website created by a group of authors including SCBWI Iowa member Linda Skeers (author of 52 Women Who Dared) that focuses on nonfiction writing. So, I also reached out to Linda to see if she would be interested in a virtual interview about her website Nonfiction Ninjas. She also graciously answered all of my questions.

If you are interested in writing books for children, I highly recommend checking out both Journey to Kidlit and Nonfiction Ninjas.

You can read those interviews on the SCBWI Iowa website here.

May you have a wonderful day!



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