Writing Appearances

Practical Homeschooling Article

As a homeschooling mom, I have tried a lot of different ideas to make the school day flow smoothly. Recently, I wrote an article (and took some pictures) for Practical Homeschooling magazine about one of the ideas that has worked quite well in my home.

The article and pictures were accepted and have been published in the most recent Practical Homeschooling magazine (edition #130). I had submitted it as Using Craft Sticks to Stay Sane, but it can be found in the Practical Homeschooling magazine as A Crafty Way to Keep Track of Each Day’s Subjects on pages 18-19.

I thought it was kind of neat to see the pictures that I took of our chore jar and cup of craft sticks in the magazine. Originally, I had taken the pictures on my counter with the counter surface showing, but I redid them with white poster board as the background. I think they seem to really stand out on the pages. If only the picture of me turned out as well – I am not photogenic at all!

Have a wonderful day!

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