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DIY Picture Tile Coaster

Besides reading and writing, I really enjoy doing crafts and activities with my daughters. My daughters and I have had a lot of fun making numerous picture tile coasters using pictures that we have taken. I recently posted instructions on how to make these picture tile coasters on Thrifty Fun, which can be found here.

Here are a few samples of the coasters we have made:

handmade dragonfly tile coasters

I think dragonflies are really interesting. I took the top dragonfly photo on a trail in Iowa, and I took the bottom dragonfly photo while fishing on Lake Michigan.

handmade tile coasters with lizards

We saw a lot of lizards on our trip to Florida, which is where I took all of these lizard pictures.

DIY picture tile coasters- butterflies and flowers

One of my daughters (who is 9 years old) really enjoys taking pictures. She is the one who took the pictures of the bottom two flowers. I took the rest of the pictures at various locations.

DIY picture tile coasters

I took three of the fall photos while walking through the woods with my family, and I took the bottom right fall photo while out on the Mississippi River with my family. The little chipmunk, which we named “Chippy”, enjoyed eating the bird seed and our strawberries. I took these pictures of Chippy from my living room window. Even though it was frustrating to lose so many strawberries to the little guy (is it really necessary to take one bite out of each ripe strawberry?), I thought he (maybe she?) was cute.

Do you have any fun projects that you enjoy doing that may make great gifts for others? Do you have any pictures that you have taken that you would like to share?


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