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Creative Way to Display Seasonal Activities

The first day of spring is only a week away! My daughters and I have brainstormed a list of activities that we would like to accomplish this spring and summer to prepare for the new season. We have been doing this for a number of years, and we have had fun creating ways to display our lists. I have discovered that having the activities visible helps us on those days when “there is nothing to do”, keeps us focused on completing the tasks that we want to finish, and serves as a fun reminder of all of the activities we have done.

I have written a post for Hands On As We Grow, which you can read here, about how we are displaying our spring and summer activities this year.

Here is our ice cream cone display of finished spring/summer activities from last year.

display your spring and summer activities

In the past, we have had “bucket lists”, which were plastic buckets with clothespins (each labeled with an activity) attached around the rims. As we completed the activities, we put the clothespins into the buckets. Another year, we wrote our spring/summer activities in bubbles I had drawn on poster board and then we “popped” (crossed off) each bubble as we completed the activity.

Now, it’s time to take down all of our fall and winter activities. This past year, we chose to write all of our fall related activities on leaves (I found a free printable on First Palette here) and all of our winter related activities on Christmas lights (I found a free printable on A to Z Teacher Stuff here), which my daughters and I printed on various colored pieces of construction paper, cut, labeled, and taped (with painter’s tape) on to a wall on our main floor. As we completed each activity, we moved them from the wall of unfinished activities to a different wall and created a wreath. I’m sure we will have fun discussing all of the activities we have completed as we take down the leaves and ornaments.

Here is our wreath of finished activities from this past fall/winter.

Display your winter and fall activities!

Do you have a fun way to display upcoming activities you would like to do?