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Make Your Own Bookmarks With Cards

My house is filled with books of all sorts, and it is very challenging for me to go more than a week without visiting the library to check out even more books. We love reading in my family! With that being said, we often need bookmarks to mark our spots in the various books we are using. My daughters and I have had fun making our own homemade bookmarks using various cards.

Maybe you and your little ones would enjoy making bookmarks, too, which you can give as gifts to other family members. If you are interested in learning how to make your own unique bookmarks using greeting cards, you can check out my step by step instructions found on Hands On As We Grow. Even preschoolers can make these cute little bookmarks with a personal saying written on the back.

Homemade bookmarks from cards

I love that we can have fun creating the bookmarks together, have various bookmarks throughout the year that vary with the season, and have inexpensive bookmarks that we can share with others.

Do you have any other inexpensive, simple gift ideas to make as Christmas gifts?